Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Seeking Howie's Birth Family


This is a call out to Howie's original family. I am hoping you still may occasionally check this website for updates of Howie. I know none have come in over a year, but maybe you still check back. If you do, will you please email me immediately at ?

Thanks in advance,

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Howie travels to Rogers!

For the first time in a while, Howie went on the road with me for work! Our super pet-sitter was on a rocking vacation. He did pretty good! Next time, I definitely need to bring howie's stairs so he can get on and off the bed himself... and if there's any way to get the upgrade to a hotel room with the separate bedroom - think howie'd sleep better that way. Anyway, a few pics from our travels! I got a "pupcake" for Howie... so cute.. he smelled it, maybe licked it, and that was about the extent of his interest in the special treats!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Miss My Howie!

Thank goodness I have lots of pictures of my most favorite puppy. I miss him so much and wish I were home with him now... Even the nice hotel doesnt make up for being away from Howie... so I'll keep working 10 hour days until I get to go home. Hopefully Howie's having fun with the best pet-sitter ever.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

updating pictures!

Been meaning to get some updated pictures on here! I cant believe today is the last day of the month and that it's already February 2010! It's been a long January, and a long past few days! This is by far the realest winter I've had in Arkansas - lots of ice topped with just enough snow to look pretty! Thankfully the sun is coming out today because other than an attempt to drive and see friends yesterday (which was nearly successful until we got off the main roads!), howie and I have been stuck at home for the past few days. Howie LOVES this weather. He asks to go out to play at least once an hour, if not more, and I normally have to force him to come back inside because he wants to stay out and explore forever. [in fact, we just had another one of these episodes! and he's waiting by the door again saying please let's go back out and explore!!!] anyway, so here's a few new pictures (if Howie will stop walking across my arms to prevent me from using my computer!)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Howie Wants to Play!

We were very proud of rudy over thanksgiving! Howie gave him many reasons to be angry but rudy never tried to bite him, shared all his toys & even let howie chew on his many bones! Howie just wanted to play, and generally rudy wanted nothing to do with playing with howie! He just barked at him a lot -- in this video you gotta listen for howie's little "barks" :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009


holy crow! get a look at this! not his most photogenic (sp?!) moment, but look what the ears may look like one day! ahaha i'm so glad i love him to death already :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Growing Howie!

a rundown of new pics: howie fighting sleep!! just a profile pic. the next, howie looks a bit evil here! some perspective of just how small Howie really is. Howie got distracted by something in the movie i had playing! Next, Howie sneaking a look out the corner of his eye! Today, I got Howie 2 new beds (1 for now and 1 for after he destroys this one!) and they had these funny pillows for pretty cheap so i figured I'd give it a try! He hasnt destroyed it yet, but he's happy to have something like his bed to play with. And yes, it is bigger than he is :) Howie and his tongue! He licks his lips a lot! After that, just another cute one! Then a mid-play picture (um, no, just because you see all those toys doesnt mean I spoil him!!) Then, his new bed in his kennel. he likes it a lot! sometimes he sleeps with his head on the edge like that, other times he likes to curl up so that you cant even see him!